James Booth | Personal Growth


  1. A1 - Mood 8:18
  2. A2 - Dream Precipitation 8:26
  3. B1 - You 5:25
  4. B2 - Dhoop Stick 6:28
  5. B3 - The Chorus 5:58


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Subtle rhythms, delicate textures and tender melodies intertwine in this fine release. A relaxed listen with a sense of groove.

about the record

Roll up the rug, push the sofa back and enjoy some ‘Personal Growth’ from James Booth.

Operating a million miles away from the kick and hiss of the trendy lo-fi folks, the Berlin based producer favours subtle rhythms, delicate textures and tender melodies – turning out a string of sophisticated dance floor winners for 100% Silk, Church and No Bad Days. Now he brings his organic house stylings to the Growing Bin with a fresh five-tracker packed with all the warmth of a Tempelhof picnic, perfect for a July afternoon.

Emerging from the watery depths of the Drexciyan ocean, opener ‘Mood’ strides calmly through the morning dew, stretching those loose limbs and seeking out Hardcastle‘s rainforest. Drifting freely through immersive, aquatic pads and soft focus melodies, the track takes in a little R&R before snap- ping electro percussion, cascading synthlines and a rolling rhythm up the intensity. The deepness con- tinues on the A2 as ‘Dream Precipitation’ offers a medicated vision of Debussy doing P-Bar while Lynch rolls the cameras. Syncopated hi-hats, jazzy keys and star-gazing sine waves wrap themselves around your cerebellum, expanding your mind as a steady kick moves your body into the pleasure zone.

Booth takes a Derren Brown tip on the flip, imbuing ‘You’ with the kind of mesmeric rhythm that can make the staunchest wallflower pull a Pink Panther on a packed dance floor. The exotic tumble of woody percussion and hissing castanets keep up a fascinating rhythm, driving the titular mantra and snaking synth melody through bursts of slapped bass and subtle 4/4. ‘Dhoop Stick’ stays on board with the boogie hypnotism, weaving its way through celestial melodies, squelching bass and toasty Rhodes before ‘The Chorus’ brings down the curtain with wailing FM vox, military snares and the dreamy synth pop charm of a lost Sheffield classic.

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