Hector Plimmer | Sunshine


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  1. Let's Stay 4:58
  2. Bulb 4:42
  3. Kalimba 3:14
  4. Sunshine feat. And Is Phi 4:53
  5. Kalimba 2 3:07
  6. I Wish 4:36
  7. Bossa B 3:41
  8. Lonely Man 3:10
  9. Eastern System (ft. Drahla) 4:04
  10. Shiver 3:45


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about the record

“We first approached Hector after watching a live performance of his at the legendary ‘Sounds of the Universe’ Record store in Soho. He stunned us with his attention to detail in his productions, and we were keen to talk further. What we weren’t expecting was the full body of work that Hector sent over.

Previously released work was mixed in with new unfinished ideas, and as we progressed we realized that there was already a good albums worth of material to work with. “It represents (in no particular order) my musical journey over the past 4 or so years, some of which may never have seen the light of day. All of the music in this album has come about as organically as possible, from tapping a light bulb I was changing to finding a sweet sounding Kalimba at Raw Material in Brixton and recording it on my phone (shout out to Miles laughing in the background of ‘Kalimba 2’).”

We whittled down the original folder to what we present to you today. ‘Sunshine’ is a well-rounded body of work that truly represents Hector’s influences and passions. From the frantic drum work of ‘Eastern System’ that we released back in December on 7” vinyl, to the ambient beauty of ‘Sunshine’, this album unfolds and morphs beautifully to capture the feeling of inner city dwelling. “The process also included finding out my next door neighbours Rob & Lu (Drahla) made amazing music & meeting Andrea (And Is Phi) at the Brainchild Festival Warm Up party in London last year.”

In the same way groups like Portishead and Leftfield captured a moment in time, Hectors work, although influenced by them, is also drenched in tribal rhythms and beautifully crafted bass. Melodies weave and shift to make way for glorious synths or vocal lines. Clearly influenced by beat makers like Flying Lotus and Theo Parrish, but with the subtleties of the classic Metalheadz era Drum and Bass, this album will definitely leave you wanting more.

Anyway, we’ve said enough. Dive in and enjoy.”

– Albert’s Favourites

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