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Emotional Rollercoaster | Record & Wine


Sometimes you just want to be provoked, surprised and blown away. This record & wine pairing aims to do just that. This pairing is not for the faint hearted – it’s for the adventurous and open minded. Get ready to travel far out of your comfort zone and encounter unknown heights and depths.

  1. A1 - Bobby 1:05
  2. A2 - TinniT 10:45
  3. A3 - Miniature I 2:45
  4. A4 - Call 349 4:17
  5. A5 - Voices 1:51
  6. B1 - Sandman 5:54
  7. B2 - The Overthrow 8:07
  8. B3 - Onar 4:40
  9. B4 - Miniature II 2:19


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about the record

Stuck somewhere between a tribal jungle atmosphere and a nightmarish circus display, MDC III finds itself exploring the vast emotional corners of their made-up world. A screeching saxophone here and a distorted drum there, but always full of surprises.

about the wine

Going up and down and round and round and round. Let it swirl in your mouth. Feel the stimulation of your taste buds. It’s as pure as it gets. Unpredictable and unknown. At its best when a little bit chilled. And shared. Don’t get into this rollercoaster ride alone.

Wine: Mag Da 2019 by wijndomein Lijsternest
Type: Light red
Grapes: Rondo, Solaris, Bronner, Muscat bleu
Origin: Zwevegem, Belgium

why this makes for a perfect pairing

Expect an intense and edgy ride that will keep you gasping for air. Unexpected turns, wild melodies and a raw tribal energy. Unsettling and surprising, an exploration of unknown worlds based on 100% Belgian wine and music.

Wine pairing in combination with SIP. Read more about the pairing in our mood talk.

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