E Ruscha V | Who Are You


A mellow album by L.A. synth wizard E Ruscha V. Almost feels like you are taking a stroll at a Californian beach early in the morning.

A1 – The Hostess
A2 – Who Are You
A3 – Gravity Waves
A4 – Lights Passing By
A5 – In The Woods
B1 – Carried Away
B2 – Roots And Branches
B3 – Endless Sunday
B4 – All Of A Sudden

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Hailing from L.A., Eddia Ruscha is a true synth wizard, producing and playing in bands for nearly 30 years. This mellow album is his first under the alias of E Ruscha V and it transports the listener right to the Californian shore.

The album is very easy to the ears and can perfectly serve as the right soundtrack to your next cocktail party. Yet at the same time it brings an intriguiging mix of little wiggly bits and bleeps meshed seamlessly in the tracks.

Expect hints of African guitar, Hawaiian slack key, and Caribbean steel drums, and behind that, chimes, birdsong, and wordless sighs, all bouncing like the animated molecules in a chemistry-class film. Just 35 minutes long, the album is a mix of downbeat mood pieces, more fully fleshed-out songs, and effervescent ambient miniatures.


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