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Want to get in a calm and collected mood? Here’s a record & wine pairing that will get you settled right in. Easy on the ears as it is on the lips. A pleasure from start to end.

  1. A1 - The Hostess 2:04
  2. A2 - Who Are You 5:20
  3. A3 - Gravity Waves 4:48
  4. A4 - Lights Passing By 2:02
  5. A5 - In The Woods 3:23
  6. B1 - Carried Away 3:16
  7. B2 - Roots And Branches 5:00
  8. B3 - Endless Sunday 4:42
  9. B4 - All Of A Sudden 4:32


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about the record

Who Are You by E Ruscha V sounds soft and delicate as it is easy and laid-back. Almost feels like you are taking a stroll at a beach early in the morning.

about the wine

You know what you want and so does this young Belgian winemaker. Sip by sip, enjoy this clean and smooth wine that is oozing with fruitiness and youthful playfulness.

Wine: Alter Ovis 2019 by wijndomein Rijnrode
Type: White
Grapes: Müller-thurgau
Origin: Loksbergen, Belgium

why this makes for a perfect pairing

Just as the record is filled with an intriguing mix of little wiggly bits and bleeps meshed seamlessly in the tracks, the wine is packed with fresh perspective. Grab your journal and let yourself be guided by this pairing.

Wine pairing in combination with SIP. Read more about the pairing in our mood talk.

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