Music for Tea Drinking

Leaves and Flowers | Sweet Rush
Sweet Rush is a fragrant and uplifting blend. The main ingredient in this blend is a special lemongrass from North Carolina.
Music for Tea Drinking

about the playlist

A calm and mellow playlist to enjoy with your Sweet Rush tea. Just like the infusion, it is warming and uplifting.


Antena – Camino Del Sol
Beatrice Beatrice – Cada Día de Mi Vida
Lemon Quartet – Variation on a Mask
Sam Prekop – Smaller Rivers
Arp & Anthony Moore – Wild Grass II (for Robert Wyatt)
Domenique Dumont – Le château de corail
The Vernon Spring – Strength Of A Young Man
Alabaster DePlume – Whisky Story Time
Dorothy Ashby – Moonlight in Vermont
Raymond Richards – Fossil, Oregon
Maria Chiara Argirò & Jamie Leeming – Retrograde – Edit
Les Baxter – Fruit Of Dreams
Deerhoof – Midnight, The Stars and You
Bruce Langhorne – Arch Leaves
Bailey’s Nervous Kats – Cobra
Skúli Sverrisson & Óskar Guðjónsson – For Seconds at a Time
Dal – Fontanel
Felbm – When It Rains
Duval Timothy – Ball
Marvin Pontiac – Pancakes
Woo – It’s Cosy Inside
Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Don’t Ask Me Why
Hampshire & Foat – End Song
Joe Pass – A Time for Us

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