Music for Tea Drinking

Leaves and Flowers | Genmaicha
A traditional and popular Japanese tea blend composed of high grade Sencha and roasted brown rice hulls. Equally delicious hot or iced.
Music for Tea Drinking

about the playlist

An uplifting selection to enjoy with your Genmaicha tea. Best enjoyed during the earliest moments of your day, as you take a deep breath and prepare for what’s ahead.


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Carrying Gravity
Masahiro Sugaya – Future Green
Emily A. Sprague – Flew
Spirit & Form – Desk Accessories
Slow Attack Ensemble – Dance Four
G.S. Schray – The Coin Blinked
Wilson Tanner – My Gull
Scott Gilmore – Subtle Vertigo
Yu Su – Tipu’s Tiger
Andrew Wasylyk – Greendrive #2
Roedelius – Band 073 3 Skizze 4 von ‚By This River’
Jason Kolàr – Erratic Texting Behavior
Lennart Heyndels – Bird Clock
Melanie Velarde – Parcel
D.K. / S.K. – Xerox
H.Takahashi – Escape
Leif – Rosa

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