Tactile Interactions

Tactile Interactions brings together Bec Kirby of Soosumee and Joda Foerster & Niklas Kramer for a one-of-a-kind exploration in the modularity of sound and object. ⁠Bec crafted tufted wall hangings in various shapes that can be arranged and rearranged to your liking. Joda & Niklas composed two extended tracks, “Tone” and “Texture,” which can be played on their own or together.

tactile interactions

Tactile Interactions is a collaboration between Bec Kirby and Joda Foerster & Niklas Kramer that explores modularity in sound and object.


Inspired by the artists’ interpretations of material interplay, we invite you to move, spin and drag the shapes around the screen to create your own musical composition and be a part of the collaboration yourself.


After moving around the shapes in a way you see fit, hit play to listen to your configuration. To change what you hear, simply move the shapes around and hit play again.

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Drag to move
Double click to change colors
Click and hold to rotate
Play to listen

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