The Milk Factory | Aula


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  1. A1 - Verrevan 4:50
  2. A2 - Groef 3:37
  3. A3 - Whistle Island 4:19
  4. A4 - Tref 3:45
  5. A5 - Roundish 3:35
  6. B1 - Aula 1:44
  7. B2 - Gitaar 2 4:26
  8. B3 - Schroom 4:19
  9. B4 - Houtdokken 3:30
  10. B5 - Bunny 5:56
  11. B6 - Papegaai 2:28


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why we love this

An album filled with dreamy intimacy and warm harmonies. A joy to the ears.

about the record

The Milk Factory was created by guitarist Edmund Lauret and pianist Thijs Troch, prominent representatives of the adventurous contemporary Ghent jazz scene, which has been flourishing the past few years and is characterized by its incredible versatility and constant urge to innovate.

In contrast to the music they create with bands such as Nordmann or Hypochristmutreefuzz, The Milk Factory walks a completely different path. No overwhelming guitar violence, no steaming grooves, no endless solos, … but musing melodies, dreamy intimacy and warm harmonies are the DNA of this youthful top group.

In addition to Edmund and Thijs, we also find four absolute tastemakers from that thriving young scene. Viktor Perdieus (tenor saxophone) and Jan Daelman (flute) form a front line that bets on an elegant kadans; the rhythm section of Kobe Boon (bass) and Benjamin Elegheert (drums) plays modestly and supports intensely.

With “Aula” The Milk Factory presents its first full album.

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