Linkwood & Foat


Feel the pull between nightlife and the freedom of nature.

1 – Es Vedra
2 – Marina
3 – Pressure
4 – Bentley 101
5 – Sa Talaia
6 – Neutrino
7 – Push It
8 – Mysterious Richie

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Athens of the North loves to bring different talents together to work on new music. Linkwood had just returned from walking in the wilds of an Ibiza summer and Greg had similarly been immersed on the sun drenched south coast of the Isle of Wight. This freedom and sense of space saturates the grooves of the LP juxtapositioned against a deeper late night basement club feel they both love so much. It’s extroversion and introversion seemingly expressed at the same time. The freedom and escapism of the two seemingly opposing environments permeates this recording.


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