K. Leimer / Marc Barreca | Chains of Being


  1. Kerry Leimer - Les Filles de Sainte Colombe 7:52
  2. Kerry Leimer - Lurid Chaconne 4:00
  3. Kerry Leimer - Nothing is known of his childhood 11:16
  4. Marc Barreca - The Cult of Saint Zenobius 6:32
  5. Marc Barreca - The Cult of Remembrance 6:39
  6. Marc Barreca - The Cult of Saint Jerome 7:38


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A cinematic work, very touching and emotional. Almost mystic and spiritual.

about the record

A conceptual and contemporary approach to Early music, exploring its ambiences, timbres and feelings. Delicate experimentation with sound textures where different tones of white noise can meet the strings from a viola da gamba. A cinematic work, very touching and emotional. Almost mystic and spiritual.

Presented in a very careful edition, the record comes packed in a folder printed in letterpress with wood and lead types. Six letterpress cards — one per track — are also included contextualizing the artists’ references used as an inspiration for their compositions.

“These three pieces spring from a love of Early Music, specifically the works of Sainte-Colombe, Marin Marais and John Dowland. Each of these composers — their lives spanning a period of great musical innovation and change from 1563 to 1728 – is represented by a track included here. While there are no direct quotations present from any of their pieces, there is a now familiar reliance on timbre and even on drone, elements that flourished in the often slowly-paced and harmonically narrow style of Early Music.” — K. Leimer

“These three tracks were inspired by the shadows, streams of sunlight, muted colors and peaceful interior ambience of Spanish cathedrals. Calm and mystery combined.” — Marc Barreca

K. Leimer and Marc Barreca are two American synth/multi-instrumental musicians that have been active since late 70’s.


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