Cass. & Gianni Brezzo | Masala Kiss


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  1. A1 - Jaybo 4:34
  2. A2 - Umberella 1:51
  3. A3 - Imence Sense 5:42
  4. A4 - Instabubu 2:47
  5. A5 - Autoscooter Lover 4:14
  6. A6 - Out Of Mind 4:10
  7. B1 - Koli 3:49
  8. B2 - Helge 2:34
  9. B3 - Der Däne 5:05
  10. B4 - Interlude 1:47
  11. B5 - Paterson 6:27


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about the record

Sharing an appreciation for emotive tonality and expansive texture, Cass. and Gianni Brezzo make the perfect partnership on Masala Kiss, Brezzo‘s timeless melodies only serving to intensify the signature sensuality of the Cass. sound. Despite the occasional polyrhythms, you‘re hearing two hearts beat as one.

Insistent and expressive, well-travelled opener Jaybo joins the ethnic and esoteric with a new age optimism before giving way to the detailed ambience and good nature of Umberella, a brief pitstop on the road to the meditative Imence Sense. Alive with layered guitars, this opiated raga dances like hashish smoke in the evening sky, and then its up into the cloud forms of Instabubu and Autoscooter Love, celestial serenades both off and on beat. Cass. and Brezzo set controls for the heart of the sun with the Froesean Out Of Mind, a cinematic exercise in precision sequencing and frequency control then start the journey home with the dewy bells and delicate waveforms of Koli. If you‘re in need of a little new age funk for your poolside playtime Helge and Der Däne are on hand with the chunky bass and languid grooves, while a last minute interlude provides a prenatal comfort and womblike warmth.

I always cry at endings, and Paterson provides pure emotional release in utterly Balearic fashion. Pensive guitar and euphoric synths meet on the waterfront as you stare over the ocean with all the people you love.

– Patrick Ryder

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