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What better way to enjoy those simple afternoons and trouble-free evenings? The perfect choice when you’re in the mood for something light, carefree and uncomplicated.

  1. A1 - Rainbow Serpent 4:52
  2. A2 - Djambaku 7:37
  3. A3 - White Cockatoo 5:21
  4. B1 - Mother I'm Going 8:18
  5. B2 - Gandi Bawong 4:17
  6. B3 - Black Crow 4:48


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about the record

Waak Waak ga Min Min is not only fun and playful, it also has a very colorful story to tell. Featuring little-heard recordings of three Yolngu songmen who are indigenous to the Arnhem Land in Northern Territory, Australia, it offers an intriguing and captivating window into the richness of Aboriginal culture. Go let your mind wander and enjoy the ride!

about the wine

Wine: Rollier 2019 | Valentin Valles
Type: Red
Grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Cincault
Origin: Saint Quentin de la Poterie, Rhône, France

Laissez-faire, let nature do the job. Follow the guidance and fine-tune where needed. That’s the approach of Valentin Valles and exactly what you should do too. Pour yourself a glass of this marvelous beautiful-colored juice and simply enjoy.

why this makes for the perfect pairing

Some days you just want to enjoy a good read and let yourself get caught somewhere in between wistful and dreamy. When it’s one of those days, pour a glass of Rollier and let Waak Waak Djungi’s record play. Both the wine and the music will make you or the receiver wander far & beyond.

This record & wine pairing is selected together with SIP.

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