Soft Focus | Flowers


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  1. A1 - Mother Focus 1:03
  2. A2 - I Need A Bathroom 1:55
  3. A3 - Elsewhere 4:00
  4. A4 - Mad World 2:24
  5. A5 - The Forest 4:47
  6. A6 - Circles 2:44
  7. A7 - The River 4:00
  8. B1 - Flowers 2:58
  9. B2 - Deo 2:21
  10. B3 - African Skit 1:56
  11. B4 - Travel 3:53
  12. B5 - Serieus 3:42
  13. B6 - Bogfa 3:18
  14. B7 - Outro 0:51


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why we love this

Filled with intricate melodies and percussion yet still very laidback and easy-going, this album delights and surprises at the same time.

about the record

Soft Focus delivers a genuine blend of digital and acoustic compositions. Flowers is a collection of tracks that are shaped over the years and started from improvisation with different loops.

While listening to this album you get carried away by the amount of musical knowledge which gives you a true understanding of what Soft Focus means. His unique approach to music shows another side of himself. Soft focus is a project without any boundaries, stress-related situation or technical difficulties where improvisation is key.

Each track of this magnificent album is a unique piece of work that triggers different emotions in a particularly peculiar way. Throughout these 14 tracks, Soft Focus grants you access to current feelings, intimate emotions and thoughts behind this talented musician. The album consists of different distinguishable elements ranging from Lo-Fi tape sound, high pitched bass sounds, harp loops and warm gratifying jazz chords layered with rhythmic drum percussions.

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