Calm & Collected | Record & Wine °02


Clear your mind after a long day’s work. We have the perfect remedy. Whether you want to enjoy it alone or with comforting company, this lively pairing aims to tickle the imagination and get new ideas flowing.

  1. A1 - To Tell A Picture 2:02
  2. A2 - Perpetual Motion Via Jungle Transport 3:44
  3. A3 - Visit From Tokay 2:48
  4. A4 - Inexplicable Notion (Location Specific) 4:01
  5. A5 - In Everyone Repeating 4:25
  6. B1 - River At Work 4:01
  7. B2 - No One Holding Their Tongue 2:57
  8. B3 - Ogoh Ogoh 2:54
  9. B4 - Vanda Tricolor 2:29
  10. B5 - Each Pool A Lifetime 0:57


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about the record

Temporary Music by Asa Tone is an album born out of the trio’s excursion to Indonesia where they set up a temporary studio in a house nestled in a jungle’s canopy to record a series of improvisational pieces together. The result is music that doesn’t seem to come from one specific place, but instead, from everywhere. A tasteful blend of swaying vocals and enchanting percussion.

about the wine

Wine: Epiclese | Heilig Hart Brouwerij
Type: Beer/Wine Hybrid
Info: 6,5% – spontaneous fermentation on gamay grapes
Origin: Kwatrecht, Belgium

A big fan of sour beers? We are too! Not in the mood to make decisions? Why bother? This beer/wine hybrid is the exact balance you need. Arouse your senses and allow the inspiration to come your way.

why this makes for the perfect pairing

This imaginative record combined with this 75cl of pure bliss invites you to hit pause and wander through the depths of your daydream. Makes for a unique gift for someone in the middle of moving homes, considering new career paths, or just looking to get into the zone.

This record & wine pairing is selected together with SIP.

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