take off your cool: herb sundays with Ghostly

“Transcending its record label roots to sell an ethos,” says The New York Times, Ghostly International has grown from a boutique label known for its experimental-pop and techno acumen into an internationally-recognized multicultural platform representing some of the world’s best visual artists, designers, technologists, and musicians.

Since its early days, Ghostly prides itself on having a genre-less sound that is free of any inhibition and categorization from artists such as Matthew Dear, Kllo, Galcher Lustwerk, Khotin, and Objects & Sounds fave, Mary Lattimore. An approach that not only distinctively defines the label’s releases, but also seeps into their other artistic pursuits.

At Objects & Sounds, we’re also big fans of Ghostly’s fun collaborations with iconic brands and characters such as Miffy, Astro Boy, Eastpak and Vans. Ogling at the Ghostly Moodboard on Instagram is a guilty pleasure of ours too! Curious what they’re up to, we asked Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV to share with us a mood list.

Inspired by his ongoing #HerbSundays playlist featuring music he’s collected under the simple intention of deep enjoyment — “dedicated to post-ironic listening habits for deep enjoyment. Complete albums enjoyed without fear of reproach or judgment, often obvious or in plain sight.” — Sam shares with us a sampler that is undeniably a reflection of Ghostly’s genre-less philosophy. Enjoy!

Herbie Hancock – Little One

Where the series gets its name from (and also just being a herb in general). Outstanding moodscape and just realized he was only 24, what an amazing career.

 Arthur Russell – “Instrumentals” Volume 1 (Part 2)

We’re big Arthur fans around here and love this oft-overlooked collection. Also 2 minutes is the perfect length for a song, no?

Dorothy Ashby – The Windmills Of Your Mind

We work with the great Mary Lattimore and have always felt the harp was such a modern instrument in the hand of the masters. Dorothy’s sound always hits, both meditative and groovy.

Leo Takami – Unknown

Unseen Worlds is a great label and have done great work bridging the past and the present. Apparently this was an unsolicited demo which makes it even more astounding. Love the twists and turns.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Remembering (Green-House Remix)

LA’s sublime Green-House remixes Kaitlyn on our label. Love the hissing/brimming energy these two voices create together.

Brijean – Moody

Our newest signing who make that sort of music you can’t quite put your finger on, but not worth thinking too hard about. They are musicians and the kids of musicians who make great music.

Duval Timothy – Older Than We Used To Be

The breakout star of 2020 has a sound all his own, while still feeling timeless. This song like others from his Brown Loop record are so spare but so evocative.

Helios – One And The Same

We still feel pretty honored to work with Helios who has been a mainstay in our lives for some time now. This new album reflects the domestic life, that slant of light, that nothing/everything moment.

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