Make your own pairing

We wanted to personalize the gift-giving experience on our website by helping you create your own custom object & sound pairing. Build your own unique combination, and we'll make sure it gets to your loved one, nicely-wrapped.⁠

make your own pairing

make your own pairing

One of the best feelings is giving and receiving a gift that comes from the heart. That’s why we want to help you craft the perfect pairing to give to a loved one.


Whether a handmade candle to enjoy with gentle piano soundscapes, or a quirky book to read while listening to an eccentric record, our selection of objects and sounds allows you to create a sensory experience and capture the feeling you wish for your recipient to enjoy.


We invite you to put together your own object & sound pairing and we’ll make sure your thoughtful present arrives in the hands of your recipient nicely-wrapped.

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