Fred Nasen’s 10 albums to move you through your month

O&S | Mood List | Fred Nasen
Excited to kick off our new show with Antwerp's radio station We Are Various, we invited the station's co-founder Fred Nasen to put together a mood list for us. Fred has been active in the electronic scene for decades. He started playing parties in 1993 and has run his Texture Radio show for over 10 years. 

Fred Nasen's 10 album picks to move you through your month

We Are Various is an Antwerp-based radio station that “serves food for thoughts, spirited drinks, and savoury dub plates.” Thrilled to be a part of their brand-new season, we invited its co-founder Fred Nasen to put together a mood list.


Fred has been active in the electronic scene for decades. He started playing parties in 1993 and has run his Texture Radio show for over 10 years. For his list, he selected 10 albums that can soundtrack the low and high tides of moods that unravel throughout a month.


On the picks, he says, “There’s not a specific theme in the selection. It’s a list that is varied enough – you can survive on it for a month. Most of the albums need a few listens to get attached to. I’ve picked some classics that deserve a new listening session and new stuff that maybe got lost into that endless stream of releases each week.”


The eclectic choices mirror the diverse programming of We Are Various and the array of sounds you can expect across the spectrum of their radio shows. 

O&S | Mood List | Fred Nasen
Suzanne Kraft - About You

One of my favorite electronic producers or DJs makes an interesting switch to a more shoegaze pop or indie-oriented album. The teaser track “On Our Hands” reminded me of some classic Grandaddy records.

Mário Rui Silva - Stories From Another Time (1982 - 1988)

Angolan & West African rhythms that brought a sense of summer in my home during a rainy July and August. The opening track of this compilation is a favorite.


Seven epic minutes of dreamscapes. I wasn’t very into this album at first, but after hearing it in full, I got overwhelmed by the production. My advice: always trust Music from Memory.

D.K. - Live At The Edge

Nostalgic ’90s electronica from the Parisian producer. 12th Isle is the label run by Scotland-based Fergus Clark.

Joy Orbison - Mixtape

This will probably be in my top 10 albums of the year. If I need to pick a favorite track, it will have to be bernard?, but I would recommend to listen to the album in its entirety. It has that London vibe all over it and the cover artwork is an extra reason to buy it.

Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm

I’ve been listening to this classic (concept) album again recently. Superb production by the mighty Trevor Horn. My respect for him grows every year. I’ve read somewhere that people thought this track had a production error when it was first released. I often listen to my older pop collection at home, and I recently started a show called “Pop Not Sorry” on We Are Various where I try to give my 7-inch pop albums and compilations a new life and meaning.

Luke Vibert - Big Soup

I bought this album back in 1997 when I still worked at NEWS distribution. My colleague Regis often recommended records to me that I only started to really appreciate at a later stage in my life. Still thankful for that. Mo’Wax was a blessing with their exciting roster of artists and artwork.

Attilio - Art Takes a Holiday

This release was pretty  much under the radar when it came out. Warm and melodic new age tracks that could help you to survive the winter season.

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy

The Viola Renea LP on Strangelove is one of the best reissues from late last year. With Psychedelic Digestion Therapy, they deliver six melodious pieces that grow on you with every new listening session. I could buy anything from this Australian label.

Leon Lowman - Liquid Diamonds

Hard to choose a favorite track on this one, but let’s go for the opening track. It gives me nostalgic feelings each time. This was also my first ever Music From Memory purchase.

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