01/09 — IESSI

iessi - L'Aperitivo - Objects & Sounds - Drinks
An alcohol-free apéritif made with natural botanical extracts and infusions. Drink very chilled, over ice, or mixed into a cocktail.

Enchanting spaces

july 19, 2024 • doors at 19:00 • Buitenwallepad 4, ghent
19/07 — In-store concert with Cucina Povera, Mélodie Blaison, Coline Cornélis

2024 marks 10 years of Marionette, a Toronto-based label which has carved out a special place on our shelves and expanded our listening experiences with its wide array of exploratory sounds.

To mark the occasion, on Sunday, July 28th, we’re having a special Marionette showcase in store, hosted by label founder Ali Safi with live sets from MinaeMinae and David Edren. Ali will play music under his DJ moniker grimwig before, during, and after the concerts.

19/07 — In-store concert with Cucina Povera, Mélodie Blaison, Coline Cornélis

What to expect

live performance by Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera brings an acute sense of space, surroundings, and practicality to her working practice, with each composition often relying on a limited sound palette to create deeply affecting messages which transcend language. 

live performance by Mélodie Blaison

Mélodie Blaison’s work proposes sonic introspections where a collage of intuitive sculptures and distorted memories are articulated. In addition to the flute, her main instrument, she uses different combinations of objects, materials and sound sources, such as fieldrecording, ceramics or analog synthesizers.

dj set by Coline Cornélis

Artist and composer Coline Cornelis has etched out a singular audiovisual universe where sound, space, shapes, and textures meet to form a whole. Whether DJing for adventurous dancefloors, through her residencies on Refuge Worldwide and Lyl Radio, or on the occasion of collaborations with fellow artists, she creates aural environments that envelope listeners and dancers in a dynamic universe of field recordings, bass-heavy rhythms, and leftfield electronics. Now, her practice increasingly involves her own sound designs.

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buitenwallepad 4, ghent ·
fri to sun · 12:00 to 18:00